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 PC: Thyratia (Sila) Von Soth

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PC: Thyratia (Sila) Von Soth Empty
PostSubject: PC: Thyratia (Sila) Von Soth   PC: Thyratia (Sila) Von Soth Icon_minitimeSat May 16, 2009 3:33 pm

PC: Thyratia (Sila) Von Soth Silabwf
Name: Sila (Thyratia) Von Soth
Homeworld: Isvaan XXI (Imperial)
Age: 18 (Warrior)
Height: 1.75 m (5'8")
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Quirk: Aquila Tattoo spanning across her entire back
Skin Color: Tan
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Blonde
Divination: "Ask not why you serve but how"
Theme Song: "Send Angels" - Plumb
Markings: Scars from slashing weapons along her sides and stomach, two such marks along the right side of her neck and right arm.


Sila was born as Thyratia Von Soth, daughter of a young guardsman and a priestess of the One above. Second of two children, Thyratia spent most of her baby years in peace and while in poverty, they were blissful. At the age of four, her mother was kidnapped and slaughtered by mutants while outside, Thyratia witnessed the entire ordeal, hidden by the safety of her favorite hiding spot.

Her mother's death led her father and her brother to fanaticism in destroying the mutants. Their dedication became piety and soon Thyratia followed in their steps, dedicating her life to the same faith as her family in hopes of returning her mother to her. Her father and brother both died in destroying these same mutants a year later. Leaving Thyratia in the care of the elderly couple in charge of the temple. Thyratia changed her name to Sila, burying the honor of her family name till she felt the one above would allow her to take it again.

Inspired in fanaticism and discipline, Sila pushed herself daily in training and devotion. Her life being consumed with only a simple task: The protection and sanctity of life and the purification of all that would oppose the one above. As the years passed, so did the emotional attachments Sila had, each year the girl faded into nothing more than a soldier, a perfect agent of the will of the one above.

Sila's demeanor and devotion warranted her the rewards of protecting the cousin of the prince, Lady Rose. Charged with her care as she was a priestess of the religion, Sila took the new post as the beginning of her true test of worth before the one above.



Sila acts as logic and her creed dictates. She rarely deviates from the course of what must be done and how. While many would see her as bullheaded and blind, her faith guides her without question, just as she does not question it.
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PC: Thyratia (Sila) Von Soth
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