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 House Rules - Character Generation

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PostSubject: House Rules - Character Generation   House Rules - Character Generation Icon_minitimeWed May 20, 2009 1:18 am

These House rules apply to character generation and recommendations on builds that might prove useful.

Character Generation:
- You may sell all items that your character gets naturally at their full value. This, in addition to your normal starting pay, is total number of thrones you can begin play with. Obviously you may "select" the more expensive weapons for resale, even if you don't have necessary talent to actually wield that weapon normally. Make sure you show me what you are doing in the inventory section though. Otherwise i'll be staring at your paper for awhile.
- Starting XP is currently at 5000. This may change as I get a better idea of how I will be balancing the game out.
-I will roll you divination four times and then select the one that seems to fit your backstory most effectively. If you have no backstory at the time of gameplay then I will randomly roll your divination. If you subsequently provide me with a backstory (before the next game) then I will re-roll your divination as per this rule.
-You will receive maximum wounds for your homeworld. Basically as if you had rolled 5 on your 1d5.
-Writing a backstory is worth experience. The more it explains your character, the more XP it will be worth. This does not mean be extremely wordy and long-winded. If I get bored of reading it, it probably won't get you much XP.
-There will be several "character archetypes" that will be required for the mission to succeed. As of such I will be providing several pieces of equipment (and maybe even talents/proficiencies) to the characters to assist them. If you happen to select the same piece of equipment that I am giving out, I will "stack it" by taking your and my item and giving you a better one. Don't bother second guessing me, it won't work.

-Constantine/Oblivate914 brought an interesting method of chargen to my attention that I have decided to adopt. It involves being given 100 of Characteristic points to spend as you see fit. You must put a minimum of 5 into EACH Characteristic. That will take up 45 of the points leaving you with 55 to do as you please with. You are free to still roll if you like. If you rolled your char already (i.e. Commisar Silvreski) and would like to use this system, you are free to do so.
You can min/max as you see fit (besides the automatic 5 to each).

Classes Recommendations: These are by no means restrictions. But as the first chapter of the game will rely on some measure of stealth and combat ability, these classes tend to be more effective. If you want a different class, please pick it! Every skill, whether it be a Lore roll or a search roll will have some value.

Recommended: Assassin, Arbite, Guardsman, Scum (and any elite or modified background that falls on these lines]

A little more dangerous but still useful classes:
Viable: Psyker

The following classes are risky, mostly because they revolve either around a lack of subtlety or they are not well tuned for battle and stealth. That being said they may contain talents and skills that could prove ridiculously useful during the campaign.
Risky: Adept, Cleric, Tech-priest

EDIT: Most of the above restrictions/recommendations don't matter much anymore as the nature of the game has changed and stealth isn't as important as it used to be. As such, all of the above that is striked out no longer applies. The stuff below still does.

This last group is not-recommended for reasons that will be explained next to the class in question.
Not Recommended:
Space Marine - These are large bloodthirsty warriors who demand satisfaction and I will expect them to be played that way. Furthermore, even if you (and the party} survive, I may require you give him up and roll a new char with you full current experience as it is unlikely that he would follow the retinue where ever it went next.
Sister of Battle - Pretty much same reason as above, not to mention they are more a Hereticus and Malleus sort of thing.

Final recommendation: a decent-to-high agility score, both for dodging, sneaking and running may be useful. A low agility (mid to low 20's) will probably get you killed.
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House Rules - Character Generation
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