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PostSubject: General Information   General Information Icon_minitimeWed May 20, 2009 3:57 pm

This campaign will be played on Tuedays at either 7 or 8 PM EST. Exact time to be determined after getting some input from others.
Character rolling or construction based on the option you take [see Character Generation] shall be done while I am around and the final character sheet cleared with me.

Character sheet node will be provided (creds to Sila/Admin for making it) for those wishing to make a character.

Make sure to read the House Rules - Gameplay section. The Move abilities and general changes are very important and may really decide between life and death. I don't pull punches as I care more about the integrity story than the life of that particular character. So be smart with what I give you.

All information found in the Part 1 backstory is considered common knowledge amongst the acolytes.

That should be all. I can be contacted either through forum messages here or through AIM (Sir Cracter)
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General Information
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