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 PC: Corram Ghent

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PC: Corram Ghent W2d6aw
Name: Corram Ghent
Homeworld: ??
Age: 47
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 180 lbs.
Quirk: SiftInk tattoo on the inside of his right forearm.
Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Brown (left eye largely mechanical when visible)
Hair Color: Black
Theme Song: "Rooster" - Alice in Chains
Markings: Bullet wounds riddling his stomach and back, clean through from old wounds.


The Ghents may well be the most powerful family never to be imperially registered. If you walked up to anyone on Jacquil Primus to Jacquil Octus and asked who was in charge, they wouldn't take you to the local precinct or the governor's. They would lead you to a small restaurant with rather good food for a rather low price and sit you down. After a minute or two, a pleasant young man or woman would take a seat next to you and explain a few things over the meal, treating for it at the end and shaking your hand before you part ways.

The Ghents, they would explain, don't own the deeds. The Ghents own the hands on the deeds.

Every member of the family proper is born on personal ships off Imperial records. DNA, fingerprints, biometric data, each one registered under a different name carefully selected in ministorum databases within the Jacquil system. Most members of the family proper have reconstructive facial surgery every couple years, or so, unless they have significant reasons not to. The Ghents as a family have, since the colonization of the Jacquil system, devoted themselves to a single thing: intelligence.

The Ghent family isn't know for selling weapons, though they sell anything that money can buy. They aren't known for owning land, which they technically don't, see above. They're known for being the most consummate information brokers this side of the galaxy. If you want to know something, anything, no matter what it is? You talk to someone who gets you into a meeting with a Ghent, and they'll tell you what you want to know for the right price. What it is isn't important, nor is why you want it, only that they receive their money.

Corram Ghent grew up in the midst of all this, and for the longest time in his youth he hated it.

It was absurd, he felt, how his family could run the network of thousands that was the most advanced syndicate of it's type in the sector. It was absurd how the information passed on through their network made it's way into the hands of heretics, gangers, underhive scum, anyone with an ear and money. And it was absurd that they could get away with it. So he joined the Arbites and promised himself he wouldn't be bought out. Ever.

And when he tried to bring in his father one day in a fit of rebellion as a teenager, he learned the truth when the older gentleman smiled to him and reached into his pocket from behind his desk to pull out an inquisitorial charter.

Of course the Ghents were known by the Inquisition, and of course they didn't operate without it's sanction. Of course their operatives could be dragged in for doing the illegal, of course if the information was tracked back to someone in particular then they had to be removed for the sake of appearances, but (he informed the young man with the same smile he always had) did he really think something like they had could have existed without being used by the inquisition?

"Welcome to the family business, Corram." his father had said as he got to his feet and clapped him on the shoulder, chuckling slightly. "When he picks you up, give Inquisitor Khan my regards."

For the hundredth time Corram wondered if his father was guessing or making the future, but either way, there it was.

Since then, he has worked for years through the Arbites and the Inquisition to become one of the prominent undercover infiltration field agents, as well as a masterful intelligence gatherer and interrogator for quite some time.



Patient and calm, Corram is a consummate detective. A bit rash in his younger years, time has mellowed him and made him cautious, careful and collected, with a strong attention to detail. Preferring stealth and talking his way into or out of a situation as opposed to a firefight, he nevertheless hasn't hesitated to take the first shot and isn't above a risky gamble if the payoff is worth it. He focuses as much on the process as the deed, and is always looking to pick up a new contact here or there.
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PC: Corram Ghent
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