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 PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski

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Inquisitor Bartholomew

Inquisitor Bartholomew

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PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski Empty
PostSubject: PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski   PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski Icon_minitimeThu May 21, 2009 6:13 pm

PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski 980_large

Height: 6'8"
Weight: 600lbs
Hair: Pitch Black
Eyes: Ice Blue
Age: 32
Rank: Commissar (Lieutenant)
Themesong Cossaks never die
Axillary Battle Song Indestructable

Smoke from the lho sticks hung heavy in the air, the figure across the table hidden in shadow with a foot on a knee. A finger tapped on the table with the lho stick between fore and middle fingers, listening to the lounging commissar with his thick valhallan accent.

“My men…do not run.” His rolling tongue states, exhaling a lho stick of his own through his nostrils, a glass of aemasec in his fingers twirling the amber juice. “They do not. I do not have to threaten. I do not have to shoot. I have only ever had to shoot one man, da? He was not in my squad, but a lone deserter from another company. But my men? They do not run, da?” he said thickly sipping his booze. “I have been in fifteen conflicts in this campaign since getting my rank as commissar. Other men run. My men do not.

“My name? Vladimir Silverski. The men call me Silverfist, because I lost my arm. To an orc warboss that assaulted our lines. I ran ahead first, because I feel it is good da? To be there, yes, to be in the thick of it. I do not have to look behind. I know they will be there.” He sipped again, sighing. The Shadowed figure asked more questions.

“The arm? Da, I do not regret losink it. It was for da Emperor da? What are we but tools, that keep fighting after broke.” There was a long pause. “I do not hate aliens like dey say we should, da? I know this…is bad. But there is not hatred. Not like what they want. I hate Orks. They are filthy beasts. I hate eldar, da? They are liars and turn on us. Like on Goystria. Tao? I hate them. Because I have to. Not because they are bad…they are very honest. But I kill them because I must. That is all. If that makes me a bad commissar, then take my rank and execute me. I do what I must for da Emperor, but I cannot feel what is not there.”

The shadow speaks again.

“Let the men gamble. We gamble with our lives daily da? If they die tomorrow, what matters if they have gained or lost credits or items. Only if they survive to the end of the campagn, then, da, I will punish. But now, it is not important. Only that they serve die and kill. I do not care what the other commissars say, or that they have reports. They do not control my men. I do.”

“My parents? They died, da, in the cold valhallan winter. They were not willing to let me die, as a babe, they held me close between them as the cold overcame them. I survived, and was found, and raised by the Schola Progium. I would have lost my accent if I was not placed directly in service with my own people. It has stuck much to the chagrin of my superiors. This…always irritated the adepts, da?”

The shadow reaches across the table, a black gloved hand reaching for his.

“Welcome to the Emperors Inquisition.”

Update: Vladimir has been involved with a terrible accident during battle in which he was set alight. During the explosion, he lost both his legs, and had severe nerve damage to his spine. However, due to his implacable will and inability to quit, he hung onto life where most would have slipped away. he has been refitted with bionic replacements.

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Inquisitor Bartholomew

Inquisitor Bartholomew

Posts : 132
Join date : 2009-05-02
Age : 41

PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski Empty
PostSubject: Re: PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski   PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski Icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2009 2:20 pm

in the interest of complete transparency, here are the notes on Vladimir Silvreski.

Divination: +3 WS
Homeworld: Schola Progenia
Weaponskill: 50
Ballistic Skill: 40
Strength: 70
Agility: 35
Toughness: 50
Intelligence: 35
Perception: 33
Willpower: 32
Fellowship: 24

Career Path: Guard
EXP log: 9775
total spent: 9275

Insanity Points: 43

Awareness (100)
WS +10 (350)
Strength +5 (100)
Sound Constitution (200)
Toughness +5 (250)
Dodge (100)
Chaliced Commissariat:
Intimidate (100)
total: 1200

Ballistic Skill +5 (100)
Shock Weapon (100)
Scruitiny (100)
total: 1500

Saved 150 exp, with 25 exp bonus, 175 total.

Gained 250 exp
Swift attack 225
Intimidate +10 200
also gained +1 fate point.

150 exp
Search (100)
Banked 50

150 exp
crushing blow (200)

Sound Constitution (100)

350 exp
Sound Constitution X2 (200)
Bolt Pistol training (100)

no buy.

no buy

150 exp
Toughness +10 (500)
True Grit (100)


+5 Agility (250)


Jet pack Training (100)
jet pack training +10 (100)
jet pack training +20 (100)


+5 Agility (500)

Basic Weapon Training (melta) (100)

+1 fate point
sound constitution +1 (100)
Dodge +10 (100)





+10 Strength (1000)


Command (100)
Quick Draw (100)
Survival (100)

Power Weapon Training (100)
Command +10 (100)


Survival +10 (100)
Scholastic Lore Tactical Imperialis (100)
Demolitions (100)

Heavy Weapon Training (launcher) 100
Sound Constitution (200)


+5 int (500)
tech use (200)

+5 perception (250)
Common Lore Imperial Guard (100)
Lightning Attack (300)


+5 fellowship (500)

Resistance Psychic Powers (300)
Strong Minded (100)


Bionic Arm (best quality +10 strength and agility, shocking)
Laspistol 1 clip (60)(sold)
Shotgun, 12 shells (72) (sold)
Lasgun 1 charge pack (105) (sold)
Guard Flak Armor (300) (sold)
Knife (5) (sold)
1 week corps ration
Imperial Infantrymans Uplifting Prime
Stub Revolver (40)
2X Bionic Legs
bionic lungs
Best Quality bolt pistol with Fire Selector (looted from noble)

Throne Gelt: 20702 (including sold equipment)
Selling 2 good quality bionic legs (1 left 1 right) 3000 gelt at half price for the entire set
2 good quality bionic arms (1 left 1 right) 4500 gelt at half price for the entire set
4 Shock Mauls 300 gelt at half price for all 4
1 Needle Sniper Pistol 625 gelt at half price

Wounds: 20
Current: 9

Fate Points: 3 (burned Three)

further information on starting skills and talents available on request

Further Explanation: Vladimir had +10 toughness from mining helot, which he lost when he became cybernetic resurected. he lost 20 toughness bringing him down to 40, but had bought 2 ranks, bringing him to 50 total. that is why vlad has a 50 toughness.

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Inquisitor Bartholomew

Inquisitor Bartholomew

Posts : 132
Join date : 2009-05-02
Age : 41

PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski Empty
PostSubject: Re: PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski   PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski Icon_minitimeThu Jul 02, 2009 10:14 am

Actions of Note:

Killed 2 Boyz after they got the first shot off at him and missed him entirely, mowing them both down.

Fought hand to hand with a Nob and lived

Hit the shiny red button and broke all reasonable speed records in the known universe on an ork warbike

Hit the shiny red button again, but this time was ejected over the orks while the bike careened out of controle and killed a few, flying through a building and crashing into a squad of imperial guard. got up, dusted himself off and asked for the commanding officer.

went toe to toe with Loren, a nasty android killing machine. took on three at once and got pwned, but looked good doing it. lost an ear on that one.

Attempted to Execute a team mate

Gives medical center heartburn every time he shows up (which is regularly)

Went toe to toe with a bloodletter, rolling a 8 on my wp (needed a 12) and looked fucking awesome as he stepped out of the way of a blade stroke and shot it twice in the face.

left a big assed dent in the wall after melta bomb blast threw him across the hall and into said wall. is now petitioning the inquisitor to allow him to frame the dent.

Spanked Modesties ass.

Fought with one arm

doesnt give a shit.


Punched a man in the face so hard fist got lodged in his skull, then used his skull with his fist in it to punch the same mans friend. in the face. and kill him.

punched a wall and sent an entire building down on the enemy.

got smooch from modesty, punched a man bigger than him in the face, kidnapped a noble and got a master crafted bolt pistol

You do NOT want to be a door if he is angry. ever.

Lasted 3 turns against 2 count them 2 khorn berzerkers. gave the party enough time to formulate a plan...will need a full bionic resurection out of the deal

Didnt get cyberrezed but did punch Benson in the chest with his organic fist so hard that it dented his armor and sent him flying.

Punched a chaos sorcerer so hard in the head that he literally imploded in on himself. the psychic phenomena blinked him out of existence. vladimir, literally, punched someone out of existence for as far as he understands.

finally took the final step with modesty. it was slow going, and vlad was too big, but they made it work and in the end it was very much fun for both of them.
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Inquisitor Bartholomew

Inquisitor Bartholomew

Posts : 132
Join date : 2009-05-02
Age : 41

PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski Empty
PostSubject: Re: PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski   PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski Icon_minitimeThu Mar 04, 2010 2:30 am

Explanation of Vladimirs Stats

Full Cybernetic Resurrection implies that all parts are vat grown and harvested as servitor implants, which means that bionics can be added on top of the template. with the cyber resurrection vladimir loses the strength and toughness provided by the helot augmentation, and so it balances out in that manner.

losing a fate point willfully for this, vladimir gains the following basic fundamental bonuses:
Resistance fear
resistance cold
resistance toxins
+10 strength +10 toughness -5 agility (as opposed to the -10 from the mining helot. without the bulk of the added muscle his agility goes back to 40, which is then reduced once more back to 35)
10+1d10 insanity points (i havent rolled them yet waiting for the dm)
1/2 fellowship (apparently losing all your flesh to a massive fire belch tends to reduce your people skills)
2 armor in all locations
Chem Geld
Disturbing Voice
Electro Graph use

Additional Implants:
Best Quality bionic arms and legs (3 armor)
Bionic Heart (+1 armor to chest)
Skull Reconstruction (+1 armor to the head)
Bionic Eye (good quality one taken from the vault, internal auspex, preysense, heightened senses)
MIU connects to any item internally which provides a tech use test. this for clarification includes: Prosanguin, Auspex, and also interacts with his jump pack once connected (a rare case but hey...never know when you might need to use it)
Hexagramic Wards: Wards carved into his bionics provide protection against the forces which put him in this condition in the first place.

So the end result is a +3 armor to all locations, +10 strength, sprint, an internal auspex, +10 to perception from heightened senses (not reflected in the stat line) as well as preysense.

vladimir cannot be healed through the medicae skill. he also cannot swim. not that he ever could.

i dont view chem geld as a removal of his manhood, but instead a controlling of testosterone, an ability to turn on and off his physical desires by way of creating an adverse chemical reaction though purposeful instigation.

Additional Purchases: best quality Carapace Helmet: 2500 gelt
The reason i felt it necessary to purchase this is because vladimirs face has been so badly damaged due to the flames, and i felt that a normal helmet would be to bulky. i wanted a sort of mask that mimics his old face, and this seemed like the most likely candidate for that job.

Flak Greatcoat: 150 gelt

Best Quality Powerfist: 10850 with modesty bartering

i cant really think of anything else right now.

maybe i should make a power fire-axe?
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PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski Empty
PostSubject: Re: PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski   PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski Icon_minitime

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PC: Commissar Vladimir Silvreski
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