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 Karma points

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PostSubject: Karma points   Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:21 pm

You've got your game face on. You've written a cool stunt and got the enemy right where you want him. Your target is 75. You roll a 77.

Like fate points, karma points can be used to improve the results of a roll. Karma can only be applied to a 1d100 roll - not damage or other such - and can be applied without limit. The number of karma points you have to spend each session is determined by the entire group; the highest Fate rating, times five, is the amount each person can spend.

Example 1: Alice and Bob are in a game. Alice has 3 fate points, Bob has 2. Alice has the highest, so the karma allotment is 15, or 3 times 5. Alice and Bob each have their own pools of 15 karma points to work with. If Bob burns a fate point, this remains the same; if Alice burns a fate point, the karma allotment drops to 10 next session. If Alice goes up to 4 fate points, the karma allotment jumps to 20 next session.

Example 2: Alice is rolling a dodge. Alice's target is 35, and she rolls a 42. Alice spends 7 karma to drop her roll to a 35. Alice now has 8 karma remaining, while Bob still has all 15 of his. Alice's karma will refresh when her fate points do.

This has no downside and exists purely to counter the frustration of "dammit, I was THAT CLOSE" created by a game with massive dice granularity. Expect people to succeed a little more often and have more "edge of the seat" close calls.
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Karma points
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