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 Into the Breach: Part I After action report

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Into the Breach: Part I After action report Empty
PostSubject: Into the Breach: Part I After action report   Into the Breach: Part I After action report Icon_minitimeWed Jul 01, 2009 2:51 pm

Report Codename: "Two shades of Green"

Location: Thordas, Far Cast Sector, Segmentum Tempestus
Planetary Classification: Frontier World, redesignation... Dead World. Further Classification: Forbidden World
Geographical Terrain: 45% land, 55% water.

Date: 0 43 998.M41

For the protection of His Immortal Grace's domain, the declaration of an Inquisitorial Exterminatus was executed against the 3rd world of the Thordas system completing and terminating operations present on that world.

Total Casaulty Estimates:
-Due to War-
Civilian: 3.2 million
Imperial Servants: 0.95 million
Deathwatch: -sealed-
-Due to Exterminatus-
Civilian: 6.3 million
Imperial Servants: 12,350
Deathwatch: -sealed-

Total Civilians Evacuated: 31.2 million

After action report is as follow...

An inquisitorial retinue under the command of Interrogator Caiten Reath was dispatched to Thordas to determine the nature of the attack and investigate the anomalous survival of the Orkish Warboss Grimthak, presumed killed in a space battle. Operation began on [0 29 998.M41].

It was determined that the use of Orkish teleportation devices were used to save the life of Grimthak, using complex localized signal transmitters (LST) that presented a target for the Orkish teleporters to use to arrive at a specific location rather than appearing in a random location. The use of mobile pylons were believed to be used to allow the mass transport of Orks without personal teleportation equipment. As no pylons were recovered, this cannot be confirmed. Additional questions as to how the relatively short range pulse of the LST's (approximately 12 km) allowed the Ork's to travel the extreme distance that they did also remain unanswered.

The draw of the Orkish attack has been linked to some sort of "summoning ritual" completed by the planetary Tech-Priest enclave known as the "Thordas Archeotech Academy". Making use of technology of unknown design, the tech-priests succeeded in giving the location of Thordas to the Waaagh! Grultrak, drawing the Orkish invasion to the planet. The reason for this action was identified as a cover for the excavation of a digsite contained inactivated elements of the Terminus Hereticus Tech, Silica Animus.

Subsequent investigations determined that many of the "androids" were infact designed with the specific purpose of combat and extermination. Shortly before the demise of Warboss Grimthak, Interrogator Caiten Reath extracted from the tech-priest that the android designated as "Loran" was attempting to activate a series of Silica Animus tech-crpyts. Unable to locate the androids location or where all of the tech-crypts were located and in consideration of the documented effectiveness of the androids battle capacity the Far Cast Sector Inquisitorial Enclave approved the use of an Exterminatus on the planet to prevent the spread of the Orkish and Silica Animus technology.

The location of the android "Loran" and Warchief Grultrak were unaccounted for as of the commencement of viral and atomic bombing of the planet.

Operation Status: Completed
Clean-up Tasks: Confirmation of destruction of Silica Animus tech-crypts, location of Warchief Grultrak. Operations of locating android "Loran" left to the purview of Ordo Hereticus operatives and Adeptus Mechanicus heretek hunters.

-Report Ends-
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Into the Breach: Part I After action report
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