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 Girls will be Girls

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PostSubject: Girls will be Girls   Girls will be Girls Icon_minitimeSun Jul 12, 2009 3:55 am

The blade was cold upon his freckled cheeks as, for the second time in three months, he divested himself of his facial hair. The first time was out of a wish to be presentable to his love, but had the odd side effect of being mistaken for a female. Apparently, his young face, his pert eyebrows, his large brown eyes, and smooth facial features all had the look of a feminine quality when combined with his long red locks which obscured part of his face. He hated that he looked the way he did, which was one reason he wore the clothes he wore and the facial hair he did, to obscure this malady of femininity and restore his dignity. Now, he found himself divesting himself of it once more, with a sigh. This time it was necessary to become one, to disguise himself as one of the elite sisters of battle in order to find information which otherwise might not be available to him. Though not the only female in the group he was the only one who was capable of being slender enough to fit in the armor, and sneaky enough to actually get the information required to assist his team in their endeavor.

He was sure that the inquisitor was still alive, and the children were first and foremost in his mind as he looked into the eyes of his finance. Frank couldn't stop snickering as she straddled a bucket, doing his makeup as if he were a girl. "I've never had a sister before" she grinned as she applied foundation, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow. His hair was pulled back in a ponytail but this wasn't good enough for her, and she insisted on fluffing it and styling it, all the while talking to him as if he were her girlfriend. Gnives groaned under the weight of her humor, wishing to be somewhere else. "Is this really necessary?" he asked for the hundredth time. "Oh yeah! Hey Cutter get the camera!" she called out as the boy came rushing over excitedly "You look like a faggot!" he said laughing at Gnives predicament.

"OH GOD EMPEROR NO" he cried trying to hide his face, but it was futile. The two made great sport of telling him to pose sexily and pout, taking pictures at every angle. He wore the bustier and armor of a Sister of Battle, the elite fighting force of the Ordo Hereticus, and as such actually appeared to be a woman. And a quite attractive one at that, he noted as he caught a glimpse of himself in a piece of glass.

The noise and pictures died away as he just looked at himself. He truly did looks just like his mother. He lost all track of everything, the clicking and whirring of the camera died away, the silence engulfed him as the all too familiar melancholy haze filled him. He didnt really even think, he just sat there, looking, his mind far away, unable to solidify the thoughts in his mind to some cohesive structure that he could put into words.

"Gnives? Gnives are you okay?" For the first time he noticed that the laughing and clicking had stopped, and the voice calling him back from the abyss of his thoughts was concerned. Dazed, he turned towards the sound of his loves words and smiled a small smile. "Oh Gnives..." she says softly, running her fingers through his hair.

He didnt have to explain.

He never had to.
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Girls will be Girls
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