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 Dangers Await

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PostSubject: Dangers Await   Dangers Await Icon_minitimeSun Jul 12, 2009 4:26 pm

He checked the bolter. it felt good in his armored fingers and he felt he was ready. He had never worn such powerful heavy armor before, and he had to wonder if he could keep it. It was a war trophy after all, and protected him pretty well. The cracked helmet barely showed his face down the thin line, and the internal systems still seemed to work just fine. This was really, really nice armor! The sisters of battle had it good, he thought.

He shook his head, it was stupid. This was holy armor, and he really did not have the right to wear it. It wasn't his, it belonged to the Emperor, and he knew it. Besides, how do you get rid of the tits? the hips? it was too feminine. he couldn't wear it, even if he could keep it. He'd probably just put it on his wall as a trophy, he decided. Maybe frank would like it? He grinned and imagined Frank in the armor, then let his mind wonder to naughtier thoughts involving her.

His mind was snapped back into focus as the chime DING from the elevator doors opened. he stuck his head out, then tried his best to walk as he was instructed by the others, letting his hips swing, his bolter hang losely. what if he did it too well? what if they weren't womanly at all and would get suspicious? He started to get nervous. the last thing he wanted was a shootout, and he never went undercover like this before.

His specialty was sneaking and being unseen, not hiding in plain sight amongst them. He wondered if he would be good enough, as he looked at the blips moving along the radar on the auspice of his visor. he wondered if they were actually sisters of battle, and if so, this could come in very handy. He paused as two of them came his way, swallowing hard. They had no helmets on, and he wondered if armor had identifying marks, and if so, had they found the body of the woman who wore this armor before? He panicked. if they found the woman, then they would know a suit was missing. if these armors had identifiers, which he assumed they did, he would be found out! He trembled and found that the armors articulation seemed to exaggerate it. He calmed himself as the women came closer, and closer still.

Steeling himself, throwing his shoulders back, he decided that what must be done will be done, and he strode forward as he had been taught, slender hips swaying left and right with each step of the metal boots. With his head tilted back and confidence he moved, stepping to the side as the two ladies passed, at attention. But it didnt go so well, most things didn't but this time he dearly hoped it would. The two sisters begin inspecting him, looking him up and down, looking at the crack in the helmet.

"Sister, are you alright?" she said concerned.

DAMMIT! he realized the fatal flaw in his disguise. someone would eventually talk to him. He nodded instead of speaking.

"Sister? Your armor is cracked" she tapped his helmet, and looked at it thoroughly, he knew she could see his eye through the crack. he nodded again, and hung his head in shame. "Sister, i don't see a vow of silence mark on your armor. did it fall off?" She said, thoughtfully. Gnives was relieved. he made a mock look of horror at himself then nods. He then tapped his helmet then shrugged.

"You think it happened during the fight? Alright, well, you'll have to make recompense for your lack of diligence. you should probably go see the Cannoness right now." she said, then frowned. "You should take care of your equipment better." Gnives hanged his head and nodded. He was greeted with a pat on the shoulder. "Its alright sister, I'm sure it will only be a couple of lashings."

He felt an odd titillation at the idea of being whipped by a sister of battle. his mind wondered if it would be a whip or a horse crop, perhaps. his mind wondered further as he knelt at the foot of a leather clad mistress, thigh high boots going up long slender legs, a foot on his back, a whip dangling. the sisters bustier and armor was replaced by a leather one, with high hip panties and bulging cleavage. he smiled to himself with relief as his imagination took him to her face, and it was frank. he shook himself out of it. his imagination always did get the best of him, and this armor left no room for erections.

He nodded briskly and saluted the sisters with a sign of the aquilla over his breasts...what an odd thought, that he had breasts. well, the armor had breasts. Either way, he forced his mind to concentrate and he bowed deeply, the bolter at his shoulder hanging low. Things didn't go so badly, then he thought, he should ask where the cannoness was at the moment. he didnt know sign language, so he paused them before they left, and patted his helmet and nodded, then shrugged, hoping they would get it.

they looked at him oddly. "you want to know where to get it fixed?" she says drawing away a little. he realized he was perhaps pushing his luck, so he shook his head no. he then made a whipping motion. "oh! you want to know where th cannoness is? shes in her quarters, on this deck." with that, gnives bowed deeply and departed them as they waved goodbye.

he ducked into a room quickly and looked over his armor trying to decipher any sort of name or meaning. he found a name plate, and expertly, quckly, obscured the name so badly that no one could see it with his power blade, slowly scratching away at it, trying his best to make it look like hed been hit with a weapon. when a sister of battle stuck her head in, he quickly let the wrist mounted blade slide back into its sheeth with its spring load, rubbing the area as if to check it. she shrugged at the sister, who nodded and smiled, and left the room.

things were getting complicated and redundant and he didnt have the patience for this.
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Dangers Await
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