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 Coppertop vs Kaylin: Interval 03 (The Rush and the Crash)

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Coppertop vs Kaylin: Interval 03 (The Rush and the Crash) Empty
PostSubject: Coppertop vs Kaylin: Interval 03 (The Rush and the Crash)   Coppertop vs Kaylin: Interval 03 (The Rush and the Crash) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2009 2:28 pm

Coppertop vs Kaylin: Interval 03 (The Rush and the Crash)

In the downtime that follows the fall of the Emperor's Inferno, following the off-camera dalliance of Kaylin and Wilhelmina...

Kaylin removed an amber vial from her luggage, one of the few non-weaponized things she owned as she shifted and moved to the corner of her quarters she'd prepared for her daily castigations. Her hands shook, however, as she leaded the whole vial into the injector she'd prepared, her eyes watching it heatedly. "It has been long since I redeemed myself before you..." she whimpered quietly as she sat, closing her eyes and laying the injector in front of her, next to the thin knife she carried for such things. She licked her lips after a moment, wetting them to keep them from splitting as she reached foreword and grasped the injector, bringing it shaking to her forearm. "Wherefore I abhor myself and repent...that in the b-burning, I might be made free to do your will...without sin..." She breathed, voice breaking slightly as she let her finger click the button, the plunged delivering the liquid fever into her veins.

She could feel it spreading, like wildfire through her blood, and though he remained quiet up until it hit her chest, she let out a whimpering moan that quickly turns into a groan of pain as it fills her breath, still runnning through her body as every breath carries it further through her system, the knife in her hand barely biting the surface of the skin before she couldn't bear it anymore and dropped it, collapsing after it with her head in her hands, fingernails biting into the skin of her scalp as she bit back screaming once more. There was a ways to go, and this was just the beginning of it, but she already found herself wavering, the shame making it burn all that harder.

Coppertop, meanwhile, was wandering down the corridor, checking his mental map. He was still getting used to the new ship, but that's one of the benefits of human ingenuity as applied to engineering - there's hardly any in use. Still, it was taking him a bit of time to locate her temporary quarters... but when he does, he won't let her escape! She is his prey, evil laughter ensues.

Kaylin was getting used to the burning, almost, in a dilirious sort of way; her skin was on fire, it seemed, rising to a rosy red all across her body as her temperature rose like a bad fever, her muscles shivering and the scars virtually coating her arms glistening white like stretched chords across the skin as she managed to grasp the handle of the knife, fingers screaming in pain as she forced herself back into kneeling position. The first wave had hit; she was running on the adrenaline, on the euphoria of release once more as she brought the blade to the inside of her wrist, drawing a thin slit across it once more to mesh with the others, breath heavy and even as she swayed.

Coppertop steps up to her door, spot-checking the designation - a match, good. Shifting his pack up on a shoulder, he reaches up and raps on the door. "Kaylin?"

Her eyes snapped to the door-someone was calling. She didn't recognize the voice immediately, but it clicked slowly that it must be Coltrane. She breathed in a little too deeply and the fire flared again, sending her body shaking in agony once more. "D-don't...don't come in...!" she gasped, shaking and reaching to pull her cloak over herself. "A...a moment...!"

Coppertop tenses at the sound of her voice - muffled, but recognizeable... and recognizeably, something is wrong. Willfully ignoring the theoretical meaning of her words, he tries the door, finds it barred and sweeps his knife out as he throws his weight against it in a sudden lunge.

The bar on the door was not meant to hold itself against someone actually pushing themselves through it, more to keep out idle passerby, and even under Coppertop's weight the door was forced open enough to allow a sidelong entry. Kaylin pulled the robe to cover herself quickly, looking to Coppertop with wide, dilated eyes as she leaned back against the wall, breathing heavily and as slowly as she could manage. "Copper...top. I thought I said...don't come in..." she noted, eyes flickering to the knife momentarily and then to his face as she tried to stand but couldn't quite.

Coppertop takes in the situation, twisting and knocking the door closed with his pack as he drops it... he darts to the side of the chamber, taking in the corners and checking for a hostile presence. Only then does he pivot on the balls of his feet, game face still firmly on. "What happened?"

"Nothing h-happened!" She said, shaking her head swiftly and succeeding in dizzying herself, forcing herself to press a bloodied hand to the wall to keep from falling, biting down on her lip to prevent herself from screaming out as she struck it. "You interrupted m-my prayers...is all..."

"Your prayers? You can barely-" He looks down at the discarded injector, and his complexion changes. "Son of a bitch," he curses as he makes the knife disappear, dropping to a knee beside his pack and jerking a smaller case from it as he trots to her side. "Back against the wall, do not sit down."

"What's wrong with sitting d-down?" she asked, pressing herself to the wall and forcing herself to her feet once more, attempting to cock her head to the side and instead just lolling it against the wall to watch him. "W-what're you doing?"

Coppertop catches her wrist and feels it for a moment. "Your heart's-" He scoops up her knife and licks the edge, spitting a heartbeat later as he pops open the case and pulls out a small bottle. "-going a mile a minute, you need circulation-" Checking the label quickly, he draws a dose off into a needle and jerks her robe open, injecting its contents into her thigh before she can react. "-stay on your feet. Look at me, Kaylin, stay on your feet."

She let out a scream as it pierced her thigh, the fever amplifying it all as her fingers bit against the wall, her form shaking as she watched him, heart racing as tears ran down her cheeks. "Emperor did that hurt..." she moaned lightly, hanging her head and biting her lip as she stayed slumped, but standing, in the corner. "What are you...doing?" she managed, gulping past something in her throat.

Coppertop drops the injector and rises, putting his shoulder under her arm and bracing himself against the wall as he keeps her upright. "I'm administering a antidote. Because I'm an assassin and I know poisons and what the slag were you thinking?! No, don't answer that. Breathe, Kaylin, just keep breathing, it'll be over in a minute - faster with the rate your heart's going. Fuck me."

"C-couldn't help it..." she pants, closing her eyes and moaning gently, the lids fluttering as she let her head hit the back of wall. "W-what did you g-give me..."

"I can't pronounce it, but it's made from spiders. It's a counteragent to the stimulant. It'll deaden your nerves and slow your blood. In a healthy victim it's a damned good soporific, but it'll keep your heart from seizing up just as fine."

"My h-heart shouldn't have siezed..." she breathed gently, rolling her head slightly as though trying to shake away the pain, panting as beads of sweat appeared on her brow, though her heartrate began to respond.

"You're willing to take that chance, I'm not. Slag it, Kaylin, you're burning up, I'll have to do something about that in a minute..."

"You are lucky I've been studying under Makrell. Or," his usual whimsy surfacing for a moment, "unlucky. Take your pick."

"C-can I sit...now...?" she asked weakly, looking to him and swallowing once more, leaning heavily on him.

"...yes. On the bed, don't pinch your blood off. We're moving over now, all right? One, two, three-" He hauls her over with slogging footsteps, grunting as he eases her down.

She weighs very little despite her size, but dead weight is dead weight as she tries to bring herself over with him, sliding onto the bed and forcing herself to sit up, bringing her head down to her hands slowly before letting it drop into them, her breath still heavy.

Dead weight is dead weight, and Coppertop is not so very tall despite his extra inch, nor so very strong despite his upper body strength. He goes back to his case and pulls another counteragent, flicking the needle and easing it into her forearm, his fingers streaked with her blood as he pulls the needle away. "This'll bring down your fever. It'll also make you taste metal for a few hours, don't worry about that." Exhaling, he wipes his hands off on his pants before taking her head in his hands and gently turning it up, looking into her eyes and gauging its reaction to the light. "That's better."

"How many counteragents do you need?" she asked, managing a weak laugh, her eyes focusing on him after a moment as she looked to her arm and her thigh.

"The first was a poison," he admits. "The second was a counteragent. Sorry, but I was rushed."
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Coppertop vs Kaylin: Interval 03 (The Rush and the Crash) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Coppertop vs Kaylin: Interval 03 (The Rush and the Crash)   Coppertop vs Kaylin: Interval 03 (The Rush and the Crash) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2009 2:28 pm

"You'll be ready to kick ass in a few hours, but drink lots of water and try not to fall asleep. Are you up to telling me what just happened yet?"

"What was the poison for...?" She asked, leaning her head back to the side as she looked to him. "Are you up to hearing it? You didn't want to know a little while ago..." she said with a slight laugh, dangerously close to a giggle.

"Normally it puts people to sleep... yes, I'm not as distracted now. Although," he adds bemusedly, "you are."

"No...I think... I think it's just that I'm caught between the rush and the crash...artificially..." she said as she watched him for a moment before holding her out arms, the scars on them almost covering them entirely, a new cut along the inside of her left arm. "I told you... my prayers..."

"Yes, your prayers. Kaylin, are you trying to get a down-check from the examiners?!" He sighs, thumping down beside her on the bed. "What did you do, accidentally laugh at a joke? Trip and pet a dog?"

"I don't follow..." she murmured, bringing a hand to her forehead lightly, closing her eyes as her fingernails bit into her scalp lightly. "What do you mean...?"

Coppertop pushes himself up again restlessly, running his hand through his hair as he looks down at her. "You do this to yourself... why?"

"Why should I do it or why do I?" she moaned as she leaned back, letting herself lie on her side on the bed, shaking her head and leaning to the side, trying to get herself back under control. "Because I sinned...so much...lately..."

"All right, sit up." He strips off his jacket, dropping it by the case as he sits down and pulls her up, getting his arm around her back. "Lean on me, that's right. What sin?"

She looked to him, leaning her head up lightly to watch him. "Plenty...lately...but mostly Mina..." she muttered, looking back down to the floor.

"What about Mina? Did you have a drink with her?"

"I did...more than that...what's the turn of phrase? One thing lead to another?" She said with a weak laugh, starting to shake slightly at the shoulders.

Coppertop parses this, and blinks, temporarily lost for words. "No. I don't-" He laughs. "I've had conversations like this, but I never expected..." Then he trails off as he realizes what it means in this context, and looks at her sadly. "Oh, no. Kaylin..."

"Isn't it funny?" she said with a slight laugh, grinning as she rolled her head back, tears in her eyes now. "Everything just slides out of my fingers like sand..."

"It's funny," he murmurs. "It's hilarious." Hooking his knee behind her back, he pulls her against his chest, rocking gently. "Shit. This is just wrong."

"Of course it's wrong!" she laughed, pushing herself away from him lightly before flopping back against him. "If I do something, it's wrong, it's always wrong, no matter what it, it seems like..."

"No, no," he breathes. "It's not wrong! Kaylin- did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, I enjoyed it, ok?!" She demanded, pushing herself away from him as she looked to him, shaking his head to the side. "We were together, and I enjoyed it, and... Oh God..." she murmured, bringing her head back to her hands as she fell back, shaking. "Where's the knife?"

Coppertop catches her arm, keeping a hold of her as best as he can - although he's not actively wrasslin' her, hopefully it won't become necessary because he's pretty sure she could take him. "Kaylin, it's all right to enjoy it. Emperor knows I do! It's not a sin. This sort of thing is how we get little baby Inquisitors, when a mommy Inquisitor and a daddy Inquisitor get together and have some fun."

"Don't you understand? I can't not feel this way!" she snapped to him tears running down her face. "Because if I could, I would! Do you think I like being like this?! Do you think anyone would like to be this way?! Because if they can, it's not me!"

"Maybe I don't," he snaps back. "What I understand is that someone once broke me and remade me in their image and I found my name again, and if I can, you can, slag it all! I've been this way!"

Kaylin looks to him, bitterly. "I don't know how long you fought, or ran, or whatever you did, but I tried for ten years. I ran, I screamed, I begged, and what do I have to show for it?! Scars. Lots and lots of scars. And when I did it enough? They started making me make them."

Coppertop bites back his next words, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, some of the fire leaving his eyes. "I know you can't help it. It's conditioning, and if it were easy to break, they wouldn't use it. All right. Kaylin... what do you have to show for it?" He reaches up and brushes a thumb under her eye, pulling his hand back to display a streak of teardrop. "You're still there. That's what."

"So you broke out of it. You're smarter then me, or faster than me... Eveytime I've ever tried something to escape, or do something, it hasn't worked. They always come, and they always take me away, and they always make it so I can't even think about it again. What do I do? I can't even think about being guilty without looking for penance. I can't even talk about this--Do you know what I'll have to do to repent for this?!" She said, starting to shake again. "So how did you break out, then?! Kill them?"

With a faint smile, "I ran, I screamed, I begged... I'll show you my scars someday. But what worked was tricking my teacher into an ore crusher. I don't know if it'll work for you," he admits, "but it pissed them off enough to write me off and sentence me to death. The Officio Assassinorum stepped in, I got lucky." His arm tightens around her shoulders. "Kaylin, you don't need to get lucky. They've given you a gift, and the key to your own escape. You already have everything you need."

"What happens when the Officio Assassinorum are the ones trying to do that to you? When there isn't anyone to step in?" She said, sighing as she hung her head. "I give. What did they give me, because I can't see it."

"I should probably string that out into some philosophical tangent, but fuck it." He reaches out and snags her mask, setting it in her hand. Quietly, "When they take you, they'll take the weapon. When they hurt you, and break you, and demand penitence for your transgressions, they'll face the mask. It'll give them whatever they want and they'll never touch you. Use your focus, Kaylin. Master it. Use the mask against them and you - will - be - free!"

"I've been trying that for so long..." she sighed, shaking her head. "I don't even know who I am anymore... so what do I do, just keep waiting for a chance?" She sighed as she looked to him with a sad smile, cocking her head to the side slightly before closing her eyes and letting her head fall back to the floor. "Maybe I'm just weak." she sighed before raising an eyebrow to look to the man.

"You keep trying. You have hope. You trust in me." He snorts good-naturedly, regarding her. "If you were weak, we wouldn't be having this conversation. You'd have cut Mina's arm off for touching you, then cut your arm off for letting it happen. You, ah... didn't, right?"

"All five fingers." she said wryly. "You just stopped me before I got to the fifth band... but what do I even start to do about that whole situation?" She sighed. "I can't just tell her what it all does to me... I'd only just started when you barged in."

"I could take that so many ways," he laughs, before clapping his hands. "What do we start with? We give Kaylin a reason to believe in herself, which means that once you've sweated the poison out of your system, we hit that obstacle course. That's why I'm here."

"And how long does it take?" she asked, cocking her head to the side. "The Gift is relatively strong, but you did inject me with a rather large amount of antivenom."

"Ah... I don't know. Usually, I find out when they wake up. Let me know if you stop tasting metal."

"I see..." she noted, smacking her lips lightly before shaking her head lightly. "Still there. Though not as strongly, perhaps?"

He nods. "I wouldn't be surprised if you've desensitized yourself to that sort of thing by now. You may come out of it faster. Still..." He quirks a smile. "...as much as I'm enjoying this, you're steady enough on your feet now to put on some clothes."

Kaylin blinks before blushing, moving to turn swiftly before grasping at her bodysuit swiftly, turning around and moving to pull her cloak back to her, her back to him. "I forgot..." she muttered, shaking her head.

Coppertop laughs. "It was nice," he assures her. "Don't worry about it." Pushing himself up, he strolls to the other side of the room, rocking on the balls of his feet and keeping his back turned.

It didn't take her long before she turned once more, covered again entirely by the bodysuit that she usually wore, making her way towards the door a bit unsteadily before she forced herself to move more steadily. "Where is this course...?"

"It's close to the gym, I'll show you - you can look over it while you're getting back on your feet." He scoops up his jacket, shrugging into it as he recovers his gear. "You and Mina, huh?"

"I don't even know..." she sighed, almost whimpering as she ran a hand over her face. "It did just sort of...happen...and she tells me that she loves me, and I want to say it back, but..." she sighed, hanging her head slightly.

"I see," he murmurs. "Kaylin..." He trails off, lost in thought for a moment. "Have you ever had a mentor you worked closely with?"

"Not really, know. They never had faces. Why?"

"I'm wondering if we have common ground I can explain this with. Do you remember your parents at all?"

"A brother."

"Ah." He brightens. "I know that well." Sobering, he looks at her. "You liked him, yes? And other times you didn't like him as much?"

"I loved him because I didn't know any better until he sold me to a prayer gang."

"And then you hated him. But before that - you resented him when you were angry, reached for him when you were afraid, laughed with him, cried for him..."

"Sort of. I was quite young."

"I guess that would change things a little." He sighs. "That's how I felt about my family. A twisted knot of emotion that hits right here," and he fists himself in the stomach, "hopelessly tangled and... Kaylin, until you feel that strongly about someone, that- that ambivalently, the good and the bad... it's not love. That's the standard I use."

"Great. So how do I tell that to her? Along with the fact that every time I want to...do anything... with her or anyone else I have the startling itch to start slicing?" She said wryly, sighing.

"I'm really not sure. That hasn't come up before for me. I look for fun, a night of enthusiasm, no attachments and no hard feelings, just to avoid that, and- other reasons." He shakes his head. "Kaylin, I'm sorry you have to deal with this. You have to grow up real fast, real soon, and deal with a lot of things you shouldn't have to cope with all at once. And Mina should know better," he mutters, "than to pull this head trip on you."

Kaylin sighs, running a hand over her face. "Remember what you said about using your mask? It tends to work no matter who you put it up against, until you let it down."

Coppertop quirks a smile. "You could tell her that you feel the urge to stab things. That would make me think twice. Of course, I'm a guy..."

"Somehow that doesn't strike me as a good idea."

"Really? It's worked out for me so far."

Kaylin sighs as she walks, not sure what to say as she makes her way for this obstacle course, feeling awkward without a mask over her face as she moves through the hallways.
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Coppertop vs Kaylin: Interval 03 (The Rush and the Crash)
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