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 The Masquerade of Illusions: Kalta Fleury

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PostSubject: The Masquerade of Illusions: Kalta Fleury   The Masquerade of Illusions:  Kalta Fleury Icon_minitimeFri Jun 18, 2010 9:16 pm

"Lady Kalta Fleury, fourth in line to the Fleury dynasty in Necromunda. Held for life on manslaughter of two Regulators and injury of ten others, fifteen accounts of smuggling of illegal pharmaceuticals and designer drugs. Your sentence is a merciful one, life here on Volg's high security facility. Had your family not paid off the proper members of the Adeptus Arbites you would have been executed publicly. I do not believe they saved you but rather their faces to put you away quietly as a disgraceful member of your house." The elder man stopped speaking, his silhouette all that was visible as she raised her head, her right eye already purple and swollen in the same hue as her left cheek. She didn't bother to raises from her slump, the manacles were already digging into her forearms and back of her calves from the chair bolted to the floor. Her brown eyes still followed the sprays of blood that had dried from different times around the circular light above her head, about the only light she had seen in the past six months. She heard the man's footsteps, her sight already starting to haze again as she breathed from the contorted position and not really desiring to answer the man. "You didn't sell out any of your partners, given your position in society I am curious as to why you didn't take the deals offered to get to the real criminals?" A hint of a softer tone emerged as Kalta finally looked forward as best she could, a rather arrogant and amused smirk coming to her bloodied lip as she spoke in her raspier tenor, "Let them win? Let them and my family get the better of me? You must really think I'm shallow old man," she reeled and let out a pained hiss as she felt the backhand of a glove from the side, blood trickling from the new gash on her lip as she remained leaned over, the manacles scraping at her flesh as she looked over to the blood dripping on the floor, closing her eyes a few moments and trying to ignore the pain in her sides as she breathed more audibly then she had liked to have. "You would throw your life away for those that would kill billions of lives? Or are you protecting people you think deserve to live despite being against the structure set down before us?" The elderly man continued as he stepped partly into the light, his giant feet and shadow already passing over her as she continued to hang at her side in silence for a few long moments before she spoke in a bit more pained tone, "I think good people deserve to live as well as the trash that sits where great men and women once sat." A dataslate thudded as a drop of blood fell on it before her, the screen illuminating as she gazed upon it, her brown eyes focusing for the first time at her own image with form IPC-R41I written beside it. "I will leave you to think how you want your life to end, Kalta Fleury, here or proving to me you actually believe what you told me now." The Elderly man's feet disappeared with his voice, for what she could tell she was alone and left staring at the dataslate as the light above her shut off, only the screen giving a glow before her. Footsteps entered again a short time later as the glow flitted through the air and skidded to a set of boots, a large hand reaching down and lifting the bloodied dataslate as the light returned over the chair once more, Kalta looked up and ran a bloodied hand through her hair as she finally leaned back in the chair, the manacles falling loosely as she remained there, blood running down her calves as well. "You forgot to sign this form, Kalta Fleury, please do so if you wish to enlist." The elderly man's voice seemed slightly amused as she tried to stand, wobbling shakily as she fell to her knees, panting as her tattered penal uniform showed the bruises and cuts over her legs and stomach. She stood again and finally made her way to trace her fingers along the dataslate, blood smearing her signature over it as she finally collapsed in a pant. "Be ready for pickup in two days Miss Fleury, I expect you to be a bit more tidy for your training, The Emperor protect you." The large feet stepped away as her eyes fell to blackness, the voice almost ominous to her as she reached for them with her bloodied hand.

The Masquerade of Illusions:  Kalta Fleury Ipcr41ibl
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The Masquerade of Illusions: Kalta Fleury
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