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PostSubject: The Game   The Game Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 6:46 pm

As title of this forum suggests, this game is a Solar game.

This does not mean that Solars are the only type of Exalted I shall permit within it. In fact, almost any of the Exalted can be played though anything besides a Solar I will evaluate on a case by case basis. The basis I decide on shall be determined by how well *I* think you understand the game system and what your motivation for your character is.
A few general restrictions:
I probably won't allow Abyssals in the game unless your character is truly and honestly seeking redemption. I've run games with a "fake redeemer" and it ended in people getting butt-hurt (and they were a fairly mature group).
Same with Alchemicals. In fact, I am pretty sure I will only allow Felix to play one (assuming he is playing and does want to play an Alchemical still) as he loves them so very much. They are a bit too strange for me to let run around though, otherwise.
Infernals I will not allow. They are simply too antithetical to mixed games in my view. They might appear as an NPC, but they'll disappear just as quickly.
Everything else is fine, again with my consideration.

The game will focus around a group of relatively young exalts (starting characters + xp for backstory) either in the Scavenger Lands (the river areas of the Eastern Threshold) or in the Southern Threshold. It will take place at the "standard starting time", 768 Realm Year (RY), which is 4 years after the Scarlet Empress Disappears, the conquest of Throns by the Mask of Winters (a Deathlord), the release of the Solar exaltations, etc.

A backstory will be worth bonus XP. A backstory gives me an idea of the motivations and concept of your character besides a one word description at the top of your character sheet. I can play better to a character who has a concept of "Soldier" with a backstory of betrayal and hatred towards dragon-blooded than I can with a character who only has the concept "Soldier" and nothing more.
This XP can be used without regards to training times as it will be assumed you made those experience purchases before arriving where the game starts at.

Characters do not have to be made in my presence though I will check them before I let the character be played. If I don't understand something in your node I will ask for clarification. If you cannot explain my question to my satisfaction, then I will reject the character and ask that you re-work them until the numbers seem to balance. Simple as that.

I'll update this message with more general information as it becomes available, later. I will soon create threads for other houserules and game restrictions.
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The Game
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