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 PC: Kaylin Ghent

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PostSubject: PC: Kaylin Ghent   PC: Kaylin Ghent Icon_minitimeWed May 20, 2009 9:16 pm

PC: Kaylin Ghent Io2f5y
Name: Kaylin Ghent
Age: 17
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Fair

Physical Description: Slightly short but lean and lithe, Kaylin's physical form is pleasant, her hair cut to the shoulder and her slightly delicate face hardened through years of hard living and harder training. Not the prettiest hive girl in the conventional sense, she still has made it out of her rough situation rather well, and though she carries herself with purpose and attention to detail in keeping with her trainings and her teachings, she is still very much a young woman blossoming. Beneath her almost constantly worn body glove, her body is adorned with small scars common of ritual self-injury, but she bares remarkably few scars from battle. If it wasn't for the unnatural aura around her, the sense that something was fundamentally wrong about her in the worst of ways, she might even be attractive.

Personality and Quirks: Kaylin is an assassin of the Red Redemption first and a young lady second, but the latter bleeds out now and then. She bottles up so much hatred, rage, fear and turmoil inside her that even in battle it doesn't all have a chance to come out, so she has a nasty tendency towards moodswings. Her training, however, is hardly complete, and while she strives to be the perfect weapon to carve out the cancers of the Imperium, she is desperately, painfully lonely.

Information Uncovered by Players: An assassin on loan to the Ordo Xenos, Kaylin is a consummate wielder of all things melee and flaming, but little else; either through training or deep mental trauma, she has been known to fly into screaming frenzies in combat, pushing her young body to the limit such that the massive sword she wields can tear even an ork in two... which may be precisely why she was commissioned. As a Pariah, her very presence is discomforting and screams of something wrong, and to see her as an abomination would be nothing out of the ordinary, as she is all too well aware. She doesn't seem to be as emotionally trained as she might be, though when it comes to combat and time spent on the mission, she is as much a machine as any other assassin.
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PC: Kaylin Ghent
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