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 Character Creation Rules

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PostSubject: Character Creation Rules   Character Creation Rules Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 7:35 pm

These are a list of general restrictions and considerations I will make in deciding if a certain Exalt is available for play.

General Restrictions and notes:
1) No Ability Score may be above 4 (having to buy to 4 with bonus points in the first place obviously) without a backstory to explain why you are such a surpassingly skilled individual in it. I am the final judge as to whether or not your history explains it. As a general note, I am not THAT hard to impress. I just need a good reason.
2) Attributes at 4 are amazing and signs of a very naturally talented individual. This is to be expected to some degree as you are exalted. Attributes of 5 equal the best any human could hope to achieve and will be duely noted by those around you. A woman with an Appearance of 5 will probably draw the eyes and propositions of most if not all men (and some women) she walks by. Someone with a strength of 5 will undoubtedly appear massive/unbelievably toned and will be looked at as though he were one of the strongest men ever seen. Be aware of this as other will be aware of you.

Considerations: None. If you want to play one, I will allow it assuming I have room for another player.
Restrictions: Solars come into Creation with the "clothes on their back". This means that, generally speaking, you'll begin only with what you would of had as a mortal. You do not have a Dragon-Blooded Dynasty to equip you, the Silver Pact to mentor you, nor a Sidereal Faction in Heaven to prepare you.
As a result:
1) Orichalcum artifacts aren't just lying around to be picked up, and the starting situation won't drop a bunch in your lap. As of such, you can have no more than 4 dots spent in artifacts, and no artifact can be higher than level 2 at the start (except a Long Powerbow). Furthermore, any artifact you have you MUST name. I will give XP for those who write backstories for their artifacts (as artifacts have a history of their own), but this is not required.
I will allow an item to be a level 3 or 4 dot artifact ONLY if it is made of jade.
2) As an addendum to restriction # 1, you will be supplied with starting weapons and armor if you lack the Resource backgrounds to buy your own. This will be explained in the lead up to the game.

Considerations: You must show player-knowledge of what the "Thousand River Streams" is and have a good idea of how the game mechanics work. The first part is mainly because the Thousand River Streams explains the general Lunar mindset, while the second part is mostly because the Lunar system of charms and knacks is strange, so having a good basis in the basics is important.
1) If you choose to play as a member of the Silver Pact (recommended as chimerism sucks), you will have to play as a "faithful" member of the Seneschal Suns. You do not require a Solar Bond, and if you do decide to have one it doesn't have to be to one of the Solar PCs (for all the good that does). This is a Solar game. And as such your character must have the intention of assisting the Solars, even if his idea of how might vary to some degree.
2) One of your starting intimacies must be to one of the game's Solars or the Solar circle as a whole. This is to reinforce the characters interest in supporting the Solar's agenda. Again, this can vary depending on various things; such as orders from Elder Lunars in the Silver Pact or actions that go against supporting virtues.
3) If you choose a Lunar that isn't from the Silver Pact (i.e. a casteless), he has the same artifact restrictions and rules as a Solar does (restrictions 1 and 2 from the Solars)

Considerations: You must have general mastery and knowledge of the whole of Exalted history, the settings and the game mechanics. The Sidereals are the hidden puppetmasters of Creation and pride themselves on knowing damn near everything. While I don't expect a player to know everything I do (about the setting or the story itself) they have to be able to understand that if I tell them that "there are signs of the Lintha Pirates were recently here" or "The fates were disrupted by an untraceable essence usage" they know that it is bad and why it is.
Additionally, with astrology and their strange "ducking fate" charms you need to know how the game works well in order to ply their trade.
1) You must be a member of either the Gold Faction or an Indepedent with particular interest in what these Solars are doing. Anything less and you'll probably find yourself transferred away by Oversight pretty quickly.
2) You will spend much of your time in Creation, at least for the early parts of the game. While this isn't a restriction, per say, it does mean you will miss out on a large part of the "Heavenly Duties" and resources that a Sidereal game will allow for.

Considerations: None in particular. If you want to take the downgrade in power with access to slightly more artifacts, who am I to question your insanity?
1) You will play an unattached Outcaste. That is to say, you cannot play as a Realm Dynast/Found Egg or a Lookshy Gente. Period. No playing "ex-Realm Dynasts Solar Followers" or "Long Range Scout Gentes". This is less due to roleplay issues as to prevent people from selecting those just because they want the extra 10 dots in abilities and extra background points. If you wish for your DB to be a part of another powerhouse, such as the Guild, the Grass Spiders or a particular city that is fine.
2) Outcastes lack the artifact limitations of the Solars. Partly because jade is much more common and partly because they aren't Anathema and as such are a bit easier in getting around. This isn't a restriction. This is just a note of probably the only two balancing points against the Solar/Celestial characters: A) Jade artifacts are more plentiful (though still far from common) and, B) you can flare your anima without concern of being reported to the Wyld Hunt.

Considerations: Unless you are THEE Felix(G) from OpenRPG or love technology as much as he seems to in games, I probably won't let you play one.
1) You have vested interest in the Solars and those that follow them. They are not toys to be thrown away as soon as they appear somewhat inconvenient. This does not mean that you serve them or that you must cater to their whims. It simply means that you are inclined to make "concessions" to stick with the group so long as they do not conflict with your true motives.
2) You are not openly declaring yourself as an outsider or acting in an extremely auspicious way in your backstory or when the game starts. The game might change that, but you shouldn't be drawing undue attention to yourself (or more importantly, the Solars). The fact that you are an outsider to Creation remains unchanged, but you shouldn't be making an effort to disabuse the people around you that you are nothing more than a bit "different".

Considerations: Unless I personally know you as a mature and honest player or have seen you play a mature and honest Exalt of a different kind in this game, I will probably reject an Abyssal request. Abyssals are antithetical enough to Solars and their campaigns just by existing, let alone dealing with their personalities.
1) Even if you don't know if it is truly possible or how to achieve it, you seek redemption. You aren't merely "rogue" from your Deathlord. You regret your decision to join hands with death and wish to turn away, even as your resonance turns against you.
2) The Leige background is obviously denied to you. However, the artifact background works without the Solar restrictions on the assumption you stole whatever you have from your Deathlord (or other ex-allies).
3) I will gouge your ass with Resonance. Fair warning.

Considerations: Not permitted. Their intentions, even if they happen to coincide with the rest of the group on occasion, are too "impure" to allow them to get along with the group for long. Besides, if the group figures out their intentions, they will be highly inclined to kill them
1) You can't play these Exalted types. So restrictions are moot points.
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Character Creation Rules
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